Our men collection is tungsten, titanium and stainless steel jewellery.

Our women collection is tungsten, titanium and stainless steel jewellery.

H496 Hardley Davidson Pendant $64.99

H493 Hardley Davidson Pendant $64.99

H492 Hardley Davidson Pendant $64.99

H494 Harley Davidson Pendant $64.99

H491 Hardley Davidson Pendant $64.99

H490 Stainless Steel Harley Davidson Pendant $64.99

H495 Stainless Steel Harley Davison Pedant $65.99

G920 Stainless Steel Star Two Tone Necklace 49.99

G986 Stainless Steel Rhinestone Stone Round Necklace 69.99

G984 Stainless Steel Gold and Silver Necklace 74.99

G642 Sterling Silver 16" Snake Chain 24.99

G646_01 20" Sterling Silver chain 34.99

G643 18" Sterling Silver Snake Chain 29.99

G644 Sterling Silver 18" chain 29.99

G648 Sterling Silver 18" chain 19.99

H106 Stainless Steel Ring Pendant 64.99

G636 Stainless Steel Pendant with Cord 59.99
H105 Stainless Steel Ring Pendant 64.99
H104 Stainless Steel Handcuff Pendant Love Forever 69.99
H103 Gold Whistle Stainless Steel Topaz Charm 59.99
H7 Rainbow Stainless Steel Pendant 54.99
G965 Figaro Stainless Steel Necklace 99.99
G640 Ceramic Tungsten Health Necklace 89.99
G937 Stainless Steel Panda Pendant 49.99
G945 Stainless Steel CZ Diamond Heart Puzzle 64.99
H55 Stainless Steel Wing Skull Pendant 49.99
G942 Rose Gold Plated Pendant 64.99
H9 Stainless Steel Heart Pendant with Cubic Zirconia 54.99
H73 Stainless Steel Heart and Cubic Zirconia 49.99
G588 Eagle Stainless Steel Pendant and Chain 34.99
H11 Stainless Steel Rainbow Pendant 74.99
G989 Stainless Steel Gold Plated Key 64.99
G640B2 Ceramic Tungsten Health Necklace 89.99

G869 Titanium Three Ring Pendant Necklace with 18" chain

G716 Tungsten Carbide Pendant Necklace with Cord never fade
G9791 Stainless Steel Rhinestone Stone Pendant with Cord 44.99
G979 Stainless Steel Rhinestone Pendant with Cord 44.99
H42 Stainless Steel Mason G Square and Compass Amulet Pendant with Chain 54.99
H66 Blue Evil Eye Bat Wing Gothic Pendant Stainless Steel 69.99
H48 Stainless Steel Blue G Freemasonry Masonic Pendant 54.99

G704 Rose Gold Stainless Steel Necklace 20"

G640c Tungsten Carbide Three Ring Pendant with chain never fade