Our men collection is tungsten, titanium and stainless steel jewellery.

Our women collection is tungsten, titanium and stainless steel jewellery.

H493 Harley Davidson Pendant $39.99

H989 Long Crystal Necklace $44.99

H988 Crystal Long Necklace $44.99

H990 Crystal Long Necklace $44.99

H992 Long Necklace $44.99

H993 Crystal Long Necklace $44.99

H995 Crystal Long Necklace $44.99

H994 Crystal Long Necklace $44.99

H996 Crystal Long Necklaced $44.99

H991 Long Crystal Necklace $44.99

H856_LI Hardley Davidson Set $129.99

H839 Harley Davidson Necklace $54.99

H975 Harley Davidson Pendant $129.99

H493 Harley Davidson Pendant $64.99

H491 Harley Davidson Pendant $64.99

H490 Stainless Steel Harley Davidson Pendant $64.99

H495 Stainless Steel Harley Davison Pedant $65.99

G920 Stainless Steel Star Two Tone Necklace $49.99

G986 Stainless Steel Rhinestone Stone Round Necklace $69.99

G984 Stainless Steel Gold and Silver Necklace $74.99

G642 Sterling Silver 16" Snake Chain $24.99

G646_01 20" Sterling Silver Chain $34.99

G643 18" Sterling Silver Snake Chain $29.99

G644 Sterling Silver 18"Chain $29.99

G648 Sterling Silver 18" Chain $19.99

H106 Stainless Steel Ring Pendant $64.99

G636 Stainless Steel Pendant with Cord $59.99
H105 Stainless Steel Ring Pendant $64.99
H104 Stainless Steel Handcuff Pendant Love Forever $69.99
H103 Gold Whistle Stainless Steel Topaz Charm $59.99
H7 Rainbow Stainless Steel Pendant $54.99
G640 Ceramic Tungsten Health Necklace $89.99
G937 Stainless Steel Panda Pendant $49.99
G945 Stainless Steel CZ Diamond Heart Puzzle $64.99
G942 Rose Gold Plated Pendant $64.99
H11 Stainless Steel Rainbow Pendant $74.99
G989 Stainless Steel Gold Plated Key 464.99

G716 Tungsten Carbide Pendant Necklace with Cord never fade
G9791 Stainless Steel Rhinestone Stone Pendant with Cord $44.99
G979 Stainless Steel Rhinestone Pendant with Cord $44.99
J151 Invisible Necklace $29.99
H48 Stainless Steel Blue G Freemasonry Masonic Pendant $54.99

G704 Rose Gold Stainless Steel Necklace 20"